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The basis of our team is the belief in continuous improvement, we encourage teamworks among people with complementary profiles. For Instituto Ikigai, creativity and innovation are important and the best way to achieve them is with motivated and happy teams that self-manage to achieve one mission and common objectives.


It is essential when working in a team to give great value to interpersonal respect, it is the best way to be motivated.

Exceeding expectations

love the feeling of a job well done, and that the people we collaborate with remain positively surprised by our results.


Our Team

Micol Petrone

Micol Petrone, project manager, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the University of Naples Federico II. Currently studying a master’s in international relations at the University of Naples.

Micol Petrone

Zaira Villalba

I get involved and commit to all projects, I adapt quickly to changes, always with a proactive and positive attitude. I am a versatile person and I love helping other people.

Zaira Villalba

Carlos Franco

I help the institutions to seek European funding to carry out their social projects. I share my experience in team management through practical keys for people coordination, leadership, communication and time management.

Carlos Franco



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