Institute Ikigai

Your reason for being, our vocation

Continuous training throughout your life

Help people to achieve meaningful and full lives through training and knowledge.

We promote equality and integration

Thanks to our expertise in the field of European Projects, we can help you obtain financing so that your plans come true!

Our reason for being

The word “Ikigai” represents a lifestyle that brings us closer to conscious fulfillment and that covers different areas of life. It can be understood as “a reason to get up in the morning”, “life purpose”, “the meaning of your life”, “reason for being”


What you like to do and what you are good at


What the world needs and what you love


For what they can pay you and for the needs of the world


What you are good at and what you can be paid for

About us

Institute Ikigai is a non-profit association, with a clear vocation to serve society.

Our goal is to help people find their own IKIGAI, especially focusing on young people, women and other groups with their own needs.


We help other institutions to promote knowledge and intercultural dialogue.


We support you to undertake your professional project and be the owner of your future.

Mark the difference

We help people to detect their personal mission, their own IKIGAI, so that they can design their professional life from their passion and vocation and thus make a difference.


» Strengthen personal development through leadership training and personal and professional skills.

» Help institutions to innovate through active participation in European Projects, in favor of society.

» Promote the entrepreneurial spirit through the development of tools, training resources and support.


» Being a benchmark at a European level in the educational and social field to help people regardless of their age, sex or economic situation to achieve a full personal and professional life.

» Generate a network of European partners to facilitate the accessibility of knowledge and resources, allowing people to make the most of their capabilities.


» We want to be a benchmark for our achievements but also for the way in which we will achieve them, which are through:

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Proximity
  • Equality
  • Sustainability, innovation and commitment

Institute Ikigai

Institute Ikigai - Spanish Association for Entrepreneurship, Personal and Professional Development, is an Association that was created with the aim of helping people discover their own definition of success and learn the steps to have a full life no matter who they are and where they come from.







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Nothing shows our passion for our work as well as our results.

Face-to-face Training

On-line Training


Campus Sofejea

We support women entrepreneurs...

I help institutions seek European funding to carry out their social projects. I share my experience in team management through practical keys of people coordination, leadership, communication and time management.

Carlos Franco


I get involved and committed to all projects, I adapt quickly to changes, always with a proactive and positive attitude. I am a versatile person and I love helping others.

Zaira Villalba

I am a person who likes to learn, travel and let myself be carried away by impulses. Therefore, I have a positive attitude towards life that motivates me to help others without compromising my interests. I describe myself with three words: courage, balance and altruism.

Cristina Carnovale

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Events and New Calls

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