Institute Ikigai is committed to educating and empowering people with an unconventional approach in the field of personal and professional development, in specific skills such as leadership, teamwork, entrepreneurship, time management, motivation, etc.

It is committed to offer quality training, in order to provide the needs of young people, women and groups with specific needs with innovative solutions, through the creation of face-to-face and online training courses for public bodies, schools, companies, start-ups and institutions with specific deficiencies.

All of this with a permanent focus and a clever use of new methodologies and the most updated training processes, aimed at meeting the needs of those who want to get the best training and change up their lives to the next level.


We have a network of partners made up of Municipalities, Town Halls, SMEs and NGOs, Local Development Agencies, Regional Governments, Provincial Councils, Foundations, Large companies, Universities, Technology Centers, Research Centers in Spain and throughout Europe.

We help in the fundraising research and the promotion of the design of innovative interventions, which can be carried out within the framework of the main European programs (Erasmus +, Interreg, Horizon Europe, etc.). All of this by providing a 360 ° service.

From the provision of information on calls for free, the preparation of project proposals, the advice / diagnosis of Project ideas offer, through the creation of international associations (research and management of partners), to the supervision and reporting of completed interventions and financial justification.


We support social entrepreneurship because we are social entrepreneurs, We help entrepreneurs who want to start their projects with passion and want to turn their vocation into their profession, we support them in the search for their ``Ikigai”.

We help intermediate organizations by giving tools and providing resources so that they are able to help those who need guidance in this area.

We have many resources, thanks to our participation in European Projects with other organizations in the field of entrepreneurship. It provides us with knowledge of successful regional, local and European policies as well as trends in the context of entrepreneurship.


We generate synergies between different institutions, we build linkages to help you achieve your goals.

Institute Ikigai wishes socio-economic growth and aims to develop business and training models beyond traditional schemes, based on open innovation methodologies. As an association we can do something more for citizens by training them and putting them in contact with companies and institutions. On the other hand, organizations can and should also resort to external ideas, and the improvement of their technological capabilities.

Institute Ikigai, through the network with which it collaborates, can connect both public and private research and education centers (university training centers, technology parks) with public administrations (regional and local development agencies, municipalities and regional governments….) with civil society (associations and citizen initiatives) and the business and entrepreneurial world (business associations, chambers of commerce, etc.).